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What Our Parents & Students Say

"Simo is exactly what my son needed!! I wanted him to have structure, discipline, and proper outside guidance, and I found that here. Could not ask for anything better."   Jasmine L.

"My 4 year old LOVES going to her Kung Fu classes! Simo, the instructor, and the Shaolin Kung Fu Institute have helped restore calmness, discipline and order in my life with a defiant toddler.  She listens better at home and school, often replying with ‘Yes, Ma’am!’ when I ask her to do something, hopping right up to do it.  I am very pleased with the self-confidence she has gained, progress made on focus and listening, and she’s very much looking forward to gaining her yellow belt!” - Christie Henderson

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“When I started, I had absolutely no martial arts experience. I've been with Simo Ervin for over 2 years now. Simo has encouraged me and has shown patience with me when I've needed it. I'm stronger and more confident in myself because of her. There's no better place to go if you're looking for a challenge, a workout, and some serious self-defense training.”      Amber M.

“Love this school! And the instructor!  I am learning how to defend myself as well as keeping myself in great shape!  As a middle-aged female, I feel comfortable in the classes and have made a lot of female friends there.  I highly recommend it to men and women of any age!” 

- Sonya D.

“Our son…now has some structure and a definite schedule for exercising and improving not only his  physical self, but also his mental self (self confidence)…”  Dennis W.

“This class has been good for my son.  It has helped him tremendously in developing his coordination and self confidence…He has made new friends and enjoys going to class…” 

- Joan K.

“Our son…has grown since starting classes.  He follows directions better…he has done so well that Dad joined a kickboxing class to get into better shape. We recommend this school and training to anyone who wishes for more discipline and more fun in their lives.”  Robert W.

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